What is Linkbuilding

Why you need good linkbuilding administration

A lot of people are busy building quality links to their websites or to the websites of their customers to reach high rankings in the search engines. This is all very great, but how are they going to manage all the inbound links? What if you got a good quality link from a well-known website and they decided to drop the link or they made a mistake in the URL? You need to monitor these errors to get value from that link. You did not do all the trouble of linkbuilding for getting these links. Be sure to monitor and check the links you got from linkbuilding regularly.

Proper linkbuilding administration

In the past people were keeping track of all the inbound links with excel sheets, maybe they still do it like that… If you chose to use a professional linkbuilding tool with link administration you have a lof of advantages. Linkbuilding.io had features like this:

  • Monitor the status of the links
  • Add new backlink websites to multiple websites/customers with one button
  • When website owners or other specifications of a backlink website change, they will now change everywhere
  • Create templates with text which you can use when submitting a website
  • See the strenght and authority of backlink websites before submitting a website
  • See changes made by colleagues and add comment with each submission

Using professional linkbuilding software for administrating all the hard work your team did on linkbuilding is very important and is the cream on the pie regarding linkbuilding. You can try Linkbuilding.io administration software for free by using the free trial option.

If you have questions regarding good linkbuilding administration tools, like our tool Linkbuilding.io, feel free start a conversation with the chatbox below. We are here to help you create value for your websites and the websites of your customers. Happy linkbuilding!

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