Linkbuilding updates

As we want be the best link management tool, we are constantly updating the tool to improve it’s function and features. The lastest updates we did on are listed below:

  • To get people started the correct way we added some standard backlink websites.
  • We added ReCaptcha code to prevent spam.
  • There is a tour guide in the tool to help people get to know the features of
  • We changed the order of the collums on the submission page to seperate the different parts of the submission better.
  • We made if more easy to upgrade to a paid plan with an extra button on the top
  • Dark mode now was cool stars in the background (like I had on my¬†bedroom ceiling!)
  • There is a Crisp chat function in the commercial website so people can reach out to us for questions.
  • Our bot ‘io’ now says ‘smart’ things every time you login to the linkbuilding tool
  • We added FAQ to answer the most basic questions.

I hope you like the new setup of our linkbuilding management tool. If you have suggestions or questions just let us know on the contact page.

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