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Launch of

The linkbuilding management tool from is a project created by Farla Webmedia from Oirschot, the Netherlands. Farla Webmedia develops websites and helps websites to get valuable visitors with SEO, SEA and social media. We started with the earliest version of our link management tool in 2005 because we wanted to make it easier to monitor and manage our submissions and backlinks. Every time we found a great website or quality startpage we had to add that website to multiple documents, because every customers had its own submission document. We used Microsoft Excel for this task. All our SEO customers had a different excel file, but sometimes they were in the same profession, we had to submit more than one website to the backlink website. And we needed to make a note for this on each document. This was annoying and not efficient.

A solution for bad link administration

The problem with monitoring your linkbuilding campagnes with Excel documents is that you can’t sync them and so when a backlink websites changes it’s contactperson or email address for example, we had to search all the Excel documents for websites which used those backlink website. Sometimes we forgot to change backlink website information and those wrong information kept in the system  and we were starting to make more wrong submissions. That’s not how you want to do SEO and linkbuilding. We needed a linkbuilding administration tool!

We created a tool and used a freelance backend developer to create the source code. Our work got much easier and better. The SEO results were better too, because we could monitor more data from the linkbuilding campagnes. The tool was optimized and changed many times and we were happy linkbuilding! Our tool is not an automatic submission tool, we don’t believe in that. We believe every backlink websites needs different approach, submission text and urls. It makes linkbuilding more natural and prevents penalties.

Launching to the public

After a few years we were thinking about making this administration tool available for the public and created a business model for it. Unfortunately the daily workload pushed this project back many times. But finally we have the tool available for everyone. We want to make linkbuilding easy for everyone. Not only for SEO companies and web agencies, but also for business owners who are managing their own website. They can all use the linkbuilding management tool and start with a free trial.

We hope you like the tool and we like to hear your feedback and when you encounter problems or bugs. Happy linkbuilding!

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