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Manage all your websites on one page gives you the opportunity to keep all your websites (and backlink sites) in one place. This will allow you to manage all of your relevant link building data in seconds. Start saving enormous amounts of time by setting up your first campaign, linking your backlink sites and managing them on to go.


Add backlinks to multiple websites at once

With you can easily add backlinks to multiple websites at once. Just add a backlink site and check the campaigns you want to connect to the backlink site. We can't make it any easier than this.


See submission history per user and linksite

You can now view all submission history for each user and backlink site. This means that you can go back in time to see what changes you, or anyone linked to your account, have made.


Robot io will monitor your backlinks

Our most trusted robot io will monitor all of your backlinks for you! Stop wasting your time to research each and every backlink site yourself and let our robot do it. With the help of io, you can easily see the health of each of your backlink sites. Does a link to your website exist? Or did someone put a no-follow on your backlink? Robot io will help you find this information right when they occur.


Switch to the darkmode

Not really fan of a bright screen burning through your retina? We've got just the thing for you! Recently, introduced 'darkmode'. With darkmode, you can easily switch the layout color of to dark (and switch back to the bright layout) at any time.

Professional data from MOZ

We receive useful and professional data from the api of Moz, which is one of the leading resources for SEO in the world. With this data about Page Authority and Domain Authority you really know which back link websites matter and are useful for you SEO customers and your linkbuilding campagnes.


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We try to make linkbuilding and back link management available for everyone. Not only for SEO companies, webdesign companies and marketing agencies, but also for website owners who want to manage and check their linkbuilding and backlinks. Just try it for free.

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